Monday, 14 February 2011

Double Jeporady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I had arranged for a half days fishing for pike at Bishops Bowl, but due to a late postponement of the Kids footy game on Sunday afternoon, I was able to make it a full day, lucky for me as you will see as you read on.

I turned up just after seven hoping to fish the first peg on Greenhills, the largest lake on this complex, but me and my fishing buddy were just beaten to the peg by a few minutes, oh well, we decided to fish the second peg instead?

It didn't take long for the rods to be out, I was fishing a static dead bait (roach) on the right hand rod at approx 30 yards out, and a roving dead bait (bream) on the left hand one? My friend was fishing dead bream on his right hand rod in the margins and lamprey popped up again at approx 30 yards out?

I didn't have to wait long for the right hand rod to register interest and the indicator duly rose upwards. I struck into the fish and started to play it towards the bank? The fight didn't last long as the fish slipped the hooks, and the fish was lost?

I re-baited and cast out waiting for the fish to return, I had to wait quite a while? After about 4 hours, at 11:30 the indictor rose and the bite alarm signalled interest, but this time the run was aborted, and I was to change over both rods to fish the bottom, one rod hard on the bottom, the other with a popped up mackerel?

Well at about 2 o'clock the indicator rose and alarm sounded, this time I wound down and struck into a fish, after a short fight the fish was landed, unfortunally for me the fish was deep hooked, not badly, but enough for me to have to go through the gill rakers? I don't know how, as I always hit the bites as soon as they register, and this is my first deep hooked fish. Anyway the fish was out of the water longer than normal, but went back fine, swimming off strongly. So unfortuanlly I didn't have chance to weigh the fish, so we estimated it at 7 - 8 lbs?

The rod was re-baited again and cast out to near enough the same spot 30 yards out? A celebratory cup of tea was then made? Whilst supping this tea, the indicator and alarms go again, again winding down I pulled into the fish and I was in again? This time this fish felt better and gave a better account of itself, after a short while the fish was banked, with the trebles being just inside the mouth. The fish weighed in at 8.5lbs and a chance for me to register some more points on the board. it wasn't until I turned to fish over to have a better look, that we realised it was the same fish from 30 minutes before, I'm absolutely shore as both fish had a distinctive mark on its face, it was a wound of some sort? My buddy also was in agreement with me and spent the rest of the day ribbing me that it didn't count lol.

My mate had one run at about 3 o'clock which resulted in a fish of approx 5 - 6lbs, again on popped up mackerel?

The irony is, if the footy game hadn't been postponed I would have left at 1 o'clock and missed out on this strange story?