Sunday, 18 July 2010

Poachers Beware?

Hi Folks,

I have not posted for a very long time, but thought i would make some of us local lads aware of what is happening at some of our local free ponds?

Last night thought i would pop out for a few hours fishing with the youngest at a local free pond. It was one of the ponds at the local disused golf course in Hawkesbury Village. After catching lots of small rudd, two eastern european men turned up to start fishing. I witnessed them putting the larger fish into a black sack, i did causally mention to them that i hoped that they were putting the fish back, the shy response was that they were? then the guys even had the bals to ask me if i knew if they were bigger fish in the pond, my response was that nothing bigger than 6oz that i knew of.

On another occasion i would have tackled them with a bit more aggression, but as the youngest was with me, nothing could be done.

So just beware all you local guys who fish these ponds.