Sunday, 7 February 2010

Surprise Session.


I manage a local U16 boys football team, so Sundays are pretty much taken up with matches etc.

Anyway, after organising lifts and maps for the players for a trip to Rugby, imagine my dispair as the opposing manager lets me know on friday that the game is cancelled. After a few phone calls and texts my sunday is now free, the misus is not working so no need to worry about a sitter for the youngest one too. A phonecall to Mark, my fishing pal, and sunday was planned. Wasperton for some pike hopefully.

Anyway, we met at seven am in the car park went walked the short distance to the pegs. The river was running high still with a lot of colour, not the best of conditions, but beggers cant be choosers when it comes to quickly arranged sessions.

Anyway the fishing was slow, well actually not existent, both of trying different baits and methods to try and tempt the pike to feed.

Imagine our amazement when a fellow angler turns up the fish the wide bend with a salmon rod and fly!!! We both just couldn't believe our eyes and both had a laugh to ourselves lol. I actually had remarked to Mark that this guy is proberbaly not fishing but praticising, but the travel all the way from Coventry to do was mad!!!

Shortly some volunteers appeared to do some repairs to the track, and as the voices got louder we could see the guys eventually end up in the bottom car park. One of the guys comes over to ask how where doing, and after a very short while introduces himself as the Salmon fisherman, and indeed that he was praticising for an up and coming fishing trip. Keith (as i now know him)said that is what he was upto, who are we to dis-believe him ;).

One oclock arrives and it was time for me to leave and go home, Mark staying on for a little while. The text arrived at 3:50, showing Marks catch of a 6lb jack pike, showing that if you put the effort in, you are rewarded.

As the good weather starts to come back again, my sundays will be taken up, so hopefully one more session on the river before the season ends and back to the lakes again. I think it may have to be a Saturday next time.